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Career Path

About Me


  • I graduated from the University of Reading in 2013 with a 2:1 degree in Applied Computer Engineering. A list of the modules I studied during my degree can be found on my CV.
  • ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management V3
  • HP: Project Management Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certification 74-409: Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center
  • Microsoft Certified Professional

Previous Employment

  • I am currently on the Graduate Scheme at HP Enterprise Services in Milton Keynes.
  • As part of my applied degree I worked for 13 months for Clearswift Ltd. in their QA department.
  • 3 years experience in industry

Technical Skills

  • I have programmed in C but am most proficient with Java, Python & PowerShell.
  • I have developed Android apps in my spare time.
  • I have worked with Virtualisation, administrated a VMWare data centre & supported a Hyper-V / System Center lab.
  • I am familiar with writing SQL and using databases.
  • I have had experience programming in assembly language direct onto PICs before using them in circuit boards.
  • I have worked with hardware & networking in a Server lab
  • I have worked as an Integration Architect, creating Low Level and High Level Designs


References are availiable on request.

Please contact me to inquire.


Development Strategy Web App

I created this Web App to determine whether a project should be Agile or Plan-Driven based on research by Boehm & Turner. It generates a graph based on user parameters. Check it out here

DevOps Diagram

DevOps is a new culture thats closing the gap between Development and Operations. This culture has brought about a lot of new tools to aid with this workflow. This can be complex as there are a lot of cross-over between these tools, so I took the most common and created a diagram of a typical DevOps implementation

Army Fitness App

After seeing a poster produced by The Guardian detailing a training regime sent out to new British Army recruits, I was inspired to create an Android App that would help the user workout. Before starting the programme the user needs to enter max sit-up and press-up values, and subsequent workouts are based on this. The app would calculate what day it was notify the user that its time to work out. I created this to teach myself Android app development and it was not published on the Google Play store.

Accountancy App

This was an unlicensed app based on ICAEW guidelines on what constitutes a specific company size. The app asks the user for their revenue and employee numbers over the past four years and calculates what size of company these numbers represent. The app was demoed to the ICAEW but was not officially licensed or published

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